Esports Law

Esports, which has its own rules, relations and publishing business furnished, has a rapidly developing industry and containing IT and IP Law and Sports Law dynamics in itself, has gained significant place either in Turkey or in the world, recently, is an area requiring not only experts having full knowledge of legal dimensions, but also of technical (game) parts.

Our Office, with its lawyers holding seminars and trainings with long-term practice in this field, provide a wide range of legal services within the scope hereinbelow;

• Conducting contract negotiations between Esports clubs and players, preparation of contracts and resolution of disputes arising from such agreements,
• Obtaining Esports player licenses,
• Resolution of disputes regarding Esports players’ labour, social security and other rights,
• Resolution of disputes arising from sponsorship, publishing and so forth regarding tournament organization, 
• Protection of rights and representation of Esports players and clubs either before institutions organizing tournaments or before administrative and judicial authorities,
• Carrying out objection and lawsuit processes regarding the disciplinary sanctions imposed to Esports players and clubs,
• Representation of Esports players and clubs in all disputes between Esports players and clubs, 
• Representing of Esports players and eSports clubs before the Turkish Esports Federation,
• Consultancy and training services for Esports players, game companies, game platforms, player agencies and all related institutions and organizations.​